3rd International Workshop on Antimatter and Gravity

The UCL Positronium Spectroscopy group recently hosted the 3rd International Workshop on Antimatter and Gravity (WAG). The aim of this meeting was to bring together those interested in all aspects of antimatter and gravity, from fundamental theory to direct tests of the weak equivalence principle of general relativity using antiparticles or elements that contain antimatter, e.g. positronium, muonium, or antihydrogen. In our case, we would aim to contribute towards this goal by ultimately making a gravity measurement with positronium.


The workshop was a great opportunity to hear new ideas and theories, to catch-up on the most recent successes and the milestones reached with on-going antimatter experiments, and to learn of the latest proposals for new ways to study antimatter and gravity.

We hope those who attended had as a good time here in London as we did hosting them, and we look forward to meeting again for the next WAG!

For more information and conference materials see the website [https://indico.cern.ch/event/361413/].